About Bill Henke

The parallels between surfing and working in clay are many. What sticks with me is that both require me to be in the moment, to pay attention to what is going on. I have to relate and engage with a natural medium. Both allow me to play, give me a sense of freedom and joy. I also love the fact that everyone reveals a part of their personality in their approach or style. At the end of working in clay or surfing, that feeling of being fired up is what it is all about. In a word, stoked!

I was born in Tacoma, Washington, and raised in Upland, California. I discovered both art and ceramics in high school, where I had excellent teachers. Continuing on to Chaffey Community College, I got more involved in the arts, including working for two silkscreen shops, doing drawing and printing. Being in close proximity to the Claremont art scene was great exposure to different working methods. I then attended Cal State, Fullerton, where I earned my B.A., M.A., and M.F.A. It was an exciting time, being around amazing faculty and students in a very strong ceramics program. During that time, I started working in a production pottery shop. Working in the pottery industry was another great education in how to get things done quickly and efficiently. It also honed my brush decorating skills. As a grad student, I was more focused on what to do with my art and actively show and sell my work. This opened up other doors, including producing corporate and public commissions for a number of years. At this time, I also started to teach as an adjunct faculty member at a number of colleges. An opportunity came to teach ceramics at Alta Loma High School, where I taught for 14 years, while continuing to work on ceramic projects and artwork. In the fall of 2007, I became a full time faculty member at Fullerton College.

About Carol Henke

Growing up in Southern California, I was the kid who loved to make things, This creative curiosity fueled me to complete my B.A. in Art History and Chemistry at Cornell University and my M.A. in Fine Art at California State University at Fullerton. These cumulative experiences have informed and nurtured my development as an artist. My work has ranged from art conservation, to faux finishing and interior design, and back to the art gallery. I still love a creative challenge in any situation. Collaboration with artist, client, and materials yields the most rewarding results!

My own artwork has always been an exploration of color and texture. It has been expressed though many media including ceramics, jewelry, fiber, paint, and mixed media constructions. My current emphasis on fibers allows great breadth of expression. The dyeing process creates a personal palette from which to choose when composing. Stitching, both hand and machine, is used to impose a variety of textures. Colors and textures are integrated into abstract compositions to create a dialog with the viewer. I am currently producing a body of abstract work that blends my love of color with the expression of a feeling, idea or sensation.

About Henkestudio.com

Henkestudio.com was developed as a means to share our individual and collaborative artwork with a wider audience.